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Cricket equipment to play safe and secure

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Cricket Equipment To Play Safe And Secure Manufacturers

In the world of sports, the prescribed sports gear for each sport plays an important role in game play. Without the perfect equipment you cannot play correctly and safe. Each sport has its own set of equipment and same does cricket.

Cricket was a sport played only by commonwealth countries and now it is even played in the countries which are not a part of commonwealth. That means it is justified that it is one of the most popular game in the world. Basic equipment required for cricket is:

Ball- A red or white leather ball with a circumference of 23 centimeters and properly stitched.

Bat- A wooden bat made from the wood of Kashmir or English willow tree. It should not be more than 38 inches in length and is about four and half inches in width.

Stumps - Three wooden sticks with a conical top that forms the wicket with bails.

The Kit has pads, helmet, cap, eye gear, whites, gloves and shoes. Pads are a very important part of cricket equipment because it saves your legs and knee cap from the impact of ball. Cricket helmet gives protection to your skull and the netted design covers your face in such a way that the ball is completely visible to you through it. Cap is useful for fielders while playing in sunlight. It provides shade to the eyes so that he could see the ball. Eye gear or sunglasses also have the same use but is mostly preferred by players. Whites are referred to the uniform which is worn by cricket players. Gloves for batsman are designed in such a way that it safeguards the hand from the impact of ball. Spiked shoes are generally used for playing cricket for a better grip.

I personally insist you to wear the equipment and clothing for a perfect game play and feel the difference. Get these from the leading cricket equipment manufacturers at competitive rates.

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